Poetry Honourable Mention - April 2013

A. Joleigh - Victims Of War

Howling winds invade my ears

breaking apart my grip on silence.

Desperately grabbing at any chance

at retrieving the clarity I had once.

Eager to be alone, to disappear from it all.

Escaping the turmoil of this life.

Evil, unforgiving, will never give way.

Engulfed eternally, by my own consuming strife.

Within my stomach lies skeletons and ash

of the butterflies that formerly fluttered.

The candle that once burned passionately

is now only a weakened stream of smoke.

Pains cramp my inner thighs.

My fingers desperately claw at my chest.

Breathing has never been so inconsistent.

I'm begging you to put this weary girl to rest.

The ache of you no longer near me

makes life, once worth living, completely useless.

The brightness of the goddamn sun

angers my soul. My heart bitterly furious.

Happiness is the dagger by which I'll die

as it was unexpected. So violent.

Giving me a short lived moment of paradise

only to leave me alone in deafening silence.

You killed me and left me heartless

to never love another again.

In your hands you hold my soul.

Keep it for I can no longer pretend...

that this world is worth living day to day without you in it.

My lungs now deflated. You were my air.

Before you came along, I was independent.

Being in love, yet dangerous, was well worth the dare.

The nights are bitter and infuriating

knowing it’s just another night alone.

Waiting for you to come back to me

but this is no longer your home.

You dying has torched any hope for sanity,

and has withered away my lingering soul.

You're no longer here to help guide me along.

Where once laid clarity, now lays a jagged hole.

Seek me my love. Lay me down to rest.

Hold my hands in yours just once more.

Guide me to where I can breathe the air you breathe.

I can’t go on anymore....


About The Author

A. Joleigh is 32 years old and lives in Denmark. The incredible flow of constant emotion gives her a craving to write the way she does. Between the juggling of education and being a mother to twin girls, she finds the time to create her own prose, and is currently working on a Novel titled, ''Nadia''. 

She is hosting three blogs at this time, each one featuring a different style of writing. You can find them at the following addresses: http://www.adriannajoleigh.blogspot.dk/ , http://adriannajoleigh.wordpress.com/ , http://adriannajoleigh.hubpages.com/  

Her motto on life: ''Live life being free to be 'weird'. Embrace the crazy and thrive on every coming moment. Never let moments come and go without reaching in and putting a piece of yourself into it.''