Winners of Previous Writing Competitions

Darker Times Fiction used to run several writing competitions. Here is a list of all the winners. The competitions are now closed.



Jerry Prince - Barn

Runners Up

Krystal Volney - The Mad Woman In The Lighthouse

Jerry Prince - Consuming Darkness

N.O.A. Rawle - Bondage

Honourable Mentions

Emily Wakeham - Little Girl

Krystal Volney - Tears Of Blood And Hatred

Craig Lincoln - Obsession

Flash Fiction


Merran Jones - Monologue Of An Assassin

Runners Up

Sabrina Duong - Autumn Leaves

James Friend - Something In The Water

Sabrina Duong - Dancing With The Dead

Honourable Mentions

Casey Douglass - Gross

Eran Wesselius - Sounds In The Night

Casey Douglass - Stalked

Sarah Louise Lovell - Amuse-Bouche

Joanne Finnie - Perpetual Victim

Robert Wood - Once Is Unfortunate, Twice Is

Short Stories


Barry Watson - Keeper Of The Causeway Light

Runners Up

Daniel Stefan - Undying Devotion

Barry Watson - A Loose Wire

Stephen Reynolds - Matilda

Honourable Mentions

Barry Watson - Accidents Happen

Laura Priestley - A Beautiful Danger

James Black - A Killer's Debt

Eran Wesselius - Last Stop

Brendan Murphy - Frederick Grimes' Hangover

January 2014


There is no poetry competition for January 2014. Any entries will be rolled over to the February 2014 competition.

Flash Fiction


Jacqueline Caston - The Execution

Runners Up

S.A. Edward - The Bump

Jacqueline Caston - Last Ride Home

S.A. Edward - Cuts

Honourable Mentions

Sabrina Duong - The Whisper House

Robert Wood - Want A Thrill? Enjoy A Spill?

N.O.A Rawle - Passerby

Georgina Miller - The Dragon In The Dark

Short Stories


Tanglewood Thorne - Soul Call

Runners Up

Christian M. Lyons - Story Box

Nick Keller - Opposing Forces

Mark K - Dispatched

Honourable Mentions

Casey Douglass - Inheritance

Rowan Bowman - Ghost Story

Michael C. Morris - Spirits In The Mist

Cassandra Palmer - The Demon Within

Esteban Luis Soto - The God Vine

Kate Ashlin - Less Than Human

Helen Mihajlovic - The Prince Of Devils

December 2013



Christopher Berry - Grey

Runners Up

Craig Lincoln - The Fog

Matt Ewens - The Curse Of The Werewolf

Christopher Berry - My Small World

Flash Fiction

There is no flash fiction competition for December 2013. Any entries will be rolled over to the January 2014 competition.

Short Stories


Jake Brown - Forgotten Sun

Runners Up

Adam James Jones - God's Country

David Bond - Life And Death On The Tracks

Hamish Ross - This, The Last Scene Through Her Eye

Honourable Mentions

Leah Eades - San Miniato al Monte

David Westbury - Jimmy's Night

Casey Douglass - Pollywocker

Vicki M. Taylor - Indian Giver

Kate Ashlin - Big Sister

November 2013


There is no flash fiction competition for November 2013. Any submissions will be rolled over to the December competition.

Flash Fiction


Katharine Orton - The Caretaker

Runners Up

Helen Mihajlovic - A Sinister Nature

Christine Ferdinands - The Notebook

Timothy Mannering - Maybe I Am

Honourable Mentions

Paul Nigrone - The Shower Stall

Katharine Orton - The Fun House

Paul Nigrone - That Place

Short Stories


Audrey Lee - Elysian Fields

Runners Up

Chantelle Gray van Heerden - Margie Says

Christopher Berry - RavenDove

Kate Viggers - The Whistling

Honourable Mentions

Steph Minns - The Flight Of Horses

Mel Ciavucco - A Day In The Life Of Wilson Puckleberry

Ed Chung - Desperate Soul

Renee Anderson - A Madness Of Very Small Monsters

October 2013



A. Joleigh - The Siren Call

Runners Up

Christopher Berry - Beautiful Nature

Christopher Luck - Illegals

Christopher Berry - Raymond - A Christmas Tale

Honourable Mention

Christopher Luck - The Card


Flash Fiction

There is no flash fiction competition for October 2013. Any submissions will be rolled over to the November competition.

Short Stories


Natalia Clara - Mothering

Runners Up

Christie Cluett - The Sin-Eater

Micah Smith - Lucifer's Tooth

David Rushton - Scheherezade

Honourable Mentions

Chantelle Gray van Heerden - When Princess Diane Comes

Becky S. Vickery - If It Pleases The King

Antony N. Britt - Fetch

Andrew Page - Come And Join The Party

R.G. Calkins - Phish Food

Dominic Kirwan - The Night Inside The Day

September 2013


There is no poetry competition for September 2013. Any submissions will be rolled over to the October competition.


Flash Fiction


Matthew J. Barbour - Hweeldi'

Runners Up

Lauren Sudworth - Treatment To A Horror Film

Chris Redfern - Trapped

David Griffin - Foresight

Honourable Mentions

Chris Redfern - A Change Of Perspective

Matthew J. Barbour - Giusewa

Jason Gibbs - Who's For Dinner

David Griffin - Oriens

Short Stories


Brian O'Leary - Things

Runners Up

David Rushton - I Blame The Parents

Dominic Kirwan - Fans

Steven Mace - Whispers On The Airwaves

Angela South - In Berlin's Time

Gavin Perkins - Dance Of The Puppets

Aron Costello - Realia

Honourable Mentions

Baret Magarian - The Balls

Tom Osborne - The Retiring Room

Steve Jenner - Have You Met The Night?

Antony N. Britt - Sweet Revenge

Dominic Kirwan - Pewter Jesus

Shauna Morrison - Madness

August 2013



Christopher Luck - News Street

Runners Up

Paul Heart - Razor Blades

Christopher Luck - The Blood Lady

Paul Heart - For Whose Name It Is Applicable


Flash Fiction


Marcus Buffrey - Reunion

Runners Up

Dominic Kirwan - Blush

Zena Wilson - Shadows Run Loose

Laurence Sullivan - The Sssilent Killer

Honourable Mentions

Zena Wilson - Ghost Story

Marcus Buffrey - Capture!

Casey Douglass - Deep

Casey Douglass - Distance

Emma Finlayson-Palmer - Prana Pharmaceuticals

Karlie Wilson - Carving Aaron

Short Stories


Andrew Myers - Zoganes

Runners Up

Aron Costello - Charlie

David Rushton - A New Coat

Baret Magarian - The Chimera

Honourable Mentions

David Rushton - Unholy Trinity

Aron Costello - First Class, Tuesday Morning

Terry Hunter Scott - Perfect Companion

Antonio Henry - Little Brother

June Penhelog - Fat

Siobhan O'Tierney - Charlie

July 2013



David Griffin - The Monster Grendel

Runners Up

Christopher Luck - Freaks

David Griffin - Justice

Darius Kennedy - Wind

Honourable Mentions

Christopher Luck - Candlenight

Matt Ewens - The Creeping Flesh


Flash Fiction


Laurence Sullivan - Teddy's Little Secret

Runners Up

Laurence Sullivan - Castaway

Casey Douglass - Original

Honourable Mentions

Casey Douglass - Mirror

Matt Ewens - Dead Alive

Jasmine Greene - Shadows


Short Stories


David Rushton - Three Minutes Eighteen Seconds

Runners Up

Carie Juettner - A Fair Day

Lucy Marshall - When War Comes To Town

Casey Millikin - The Bridge

Honourable Mentions

David Rushton - Slimmer Of The Year

Kate Viggers - Green Fingers

Ed Chung - The Perfect House

Virginia Austin - A Sort Of Homecoming

Jake Thompson - Hellion

June 2013

Flash Fiction


Laurence Sullivan - Her Watchers

Runners Up

Chris Corker - The Last

Chris Corker - Three Buttons

Jo Bober - Prey

Honourable Mentions

Matt Ewens - Alien Nature

Laurence Sullivan - Slumber

Katrina LaFond - Going Home

Katrina LaFond - I Can Always Kill You Later

Short Stories


Freya McClements - The Fog

Runners Up

Shalini Joseph - The Broken Straw

Tracey Chalmers - Lose Yourself

Kamille Roach - Death Of The Raven Man

Honourable Mentions

Lee Buchanan - Could You?

Christopher Fielden - The El Paso Phantom Feeder

R.G. Calkins - Road Kill, Rage & Regret

Paul Hodge - The Haunted Cupboard (The Malignancy In Everyday Objects)

Aron Costello - Going Mobile

Laura Priestley - Le Strange

May 2013



Christopher Luck - Estuary Sundays

Runners Up

Matt Ewens - Dying To Live

Christopher Luck - Cruise Parade - Deck 9, Concordia

Kerry Hendricks - Devil Worship

Flash Fiction


Pat Phillips - Vigilante

Runners Up

Glen Perkins - Click-Clack

James Josiah - A Child Of Our Time

Satya Khade - The Clock Ticks

Honourable Mentions

Jo Bober - Tick Tock

James Josiah - One Hundred And Eighty One Days

Matt Ewens - The Smell Of Blood

Lidia A. Tsvetkova - The Colour Is Red

Matt Ewens - The Vanquisher

Tom Harrison - Sleepwalker

Laurence Sullivan - Chains

Short Stories


Kathryn Errey - Gretchen-Jane's Moon

Runners Up

Patricia Catley - The End Of The Road

Edward Crocker - Time Of Death

Edward Crocker - Cry In The Night

Honourable Mentions

Brendan Murphy - The Fire At The Ritz

Ericka Olsen Stefano - The Harvestmen

Lidia A. Tsvetkova - Special Friend, Or Piano In The Park

Daniel Stefan - A Special Kind Of Man

Tom Harrison - A Fool's Assembly

Lee Buchanan - The Huntress

April 2013



Niall McMahon - Ekimmu

Runners Up

Daniel Meates - Permanent Midnight

Christopher Luck - Raining Alms

Jo Bober - Killing Room

Honourable Mentions

Christopher Luck - Release

Jo Bober - Gone

Craig Lincoln - Caught

Craig Lincoln - My Thin Silver Blade

Daniel Meates - The Con Of An Endless Journey

A. Joleigh - Victims Of War

Flash Fiction


Jessica Kelly - Ways Of Falling

Runners Up

Paul Nigrone - Compulsion

Marcus Buffrey - Abducted

Jessica Kelly - When Silence Is Sacred

Honourable Mentions

Matt Ewens - The Eyes Don't Lie

Katrina Maclay - The Dinner Party

Paul Nigrone - Theatre Room Panic

Noah Green - The Mask You Wear

Katrina Maclay - Into The Darkness

Marcus Buffrey - Creature Feature

Wendy S. Klein - What In The Mind Of A Madman...

Laurence Sullivan - Tokyo Dreams

Short Stories


Aron Costello - 1-800-Kill-Em

Runners Up

Rachael Kurz - The Adventures Of Geppetto

Brendan Murphy - Marcus Fungalatis And His Acne Vulgaris

Patricia Catley - The Honour Box

Honourable Mentions

Hazel Curran - The Lady In Lime

Aron Costello - Red Eyes

Antony N. Britt - Shooting Ghosts

Justine Jewell - D

Tina Parmar - White Noise

P.J. Hodge - Return To Tyneham

Michael W. Fuglesang - Cinderella Milk

March 2013



Matt Ewens - Dosh

Runners Up

Rachael Kurz - Victim of Quintessence

Craig Lincoln - The Agony And The Ecstasy

Rachael Kurz - Dead Bones

Honourable Mention

Craig Lincoln - The Unknown

Flash Fiction


Michael Johnston - Personal Space

Runners Up

F Poj - The Wife

Katrina LaFond - Prettier Than Most Vampire Hunters

Laurence Sullivan - The Gift

Honourable Mentions

Laurence Sullivan - Rose

Matt Ewens - The Light Beyond The Light

Deirdre H. Gage - Angry Frank

Katrina LaFond - The Choice

Short Stories


Jennifer Yoo - Inugami

Runners Up

Carolyn King - Pop!

Trevor Steele - Where Order Reigns

Katrina LaFond - The Dream

Honourable Mentions

Shirley Bell - Jury Service

E.M. Greville - To Hell In A Handbag

Carolyn King - The Bones Of Their Kind

Matt Ewens - The Skinner

Paul Nigrone - Day of Judgment

February 2013



J.V. Birch - Legacy

Runners Up

R.G. Calkins - The Gravedigger's Song

R.G. Calkins - The Spirit

Christopher Luck - The Homecoming

Honourable Mention

Craig Lincoln - Rapturous Joy

Christopher Luck - Student Reveille

R.G. Calkins - The Castle

J.V. Birch - The Bedtime Game

R.G. Calkins - Banshee

Flash Fiction


Deirdre H. Gage - The Closet

Runners Up

Michael Johnston - The Cavern

Jane Bennett - Special

J.M. Yau - Playtime

Honourable Mentions

Ashley Shaw - Grind

Thomas Rontree-Carey - The Lost Cosmonaut

J.M. Yau - Escape Into Darkness

Jane Williams - In The Eye Of The Beholder

Jane Bennett - Lola

Glen Perkins - Fine Print


Short Stories


Aron Costello - The Sacred Circle Of Saviours

Runners Up

Kirsten Cross - Spinning Top

Deirdre H. Gage - The Runaway

Anthony N. Britt - Trick Or Treat

Honourable Mentions

Aron Costello - Avery And April

Gayle Beveridge - Issalinga's Song

Yumera Doe - A Fairy Tale

Keith Coombes - The Wind In Willow Downs

Craig Alistair Shaw - Seize The Day

January 2013



Christopher Luck - Penance at 11

Runners Up

Craig Lincoln - The Dark

Ginna Wilkerson - Fingers

Craig Lincoln - Demons

Honourable Mention

Ginna Wilkerson - Girl Found Dead In Church Car Park

Flash Fiction


Bryan Marshall - The Washer Of The Ford

Runners Up

Kirsten Cross - Me And Karma

Christopher Luck - Riparian Rites

Fiona Bailey - True Love

Honourable Mentions

Matt Ewens - Trickster

Kirsten Cross - Dark Skies

Fiona Bailey - Texting While Drunk

Paul Nigrone - Beyond The Prison Walls

Bryan Marshall - Pocklips


Short Stories


Stephen Pollock - The Janny

Runners Up

Martin Cosby - Abraham's Bosom

P.J. Hodge - A Tale Of Chirbury

Pippa Brush - Contract

Honourable Mentions

Antony N. Britt - The Monster Who Lives In The Cellar

Paul Nigrone - Tall Tales

Matt Ewens - Flesh

Jenny Shorer-Wheeler - The Night Run

Teagan Dickinson - Behind Rusted Bars

Stephan Harris - In The Land Of Black And White

December 2012



Christopher Luck - On A Sunday Night

Runners Up

Rose Anderson - Swatting Poetry

Christopher Luck - Regeneration?

Melissa Barrett - The Silent Ache

Flash Fiction


Michael Flynn - Intruder

Runners Up

James Josiah - Sensory Overload

Matt Ewens - Red Wine

Michael Flynn - Warder

Honourable Mentions

Paul Nigrone - Pitiless

James Josiah - The Darkness

Matt Ewens - Muscles

Michael Flynn - Baby Face


Short Stories


R.G. Calkins - Dark & Stormy Night

Runners Up

Dave Clark - Smoke

Leonard Dawson - Cemetery Dead Ahead

Dave Clark - The Devil And Mr Alabanti's Right Foot

A.C. Bell - The Mayan Countdown

Aron Costello - The Killing Room

Paul Nigrone - The Santa Claus

Honourable Mentions

Leonard Dawson - Killer Lesson

R.G. Calkins - The Grave Digger

Rose Anderson - A Visitor Leaves

Aron Costello - Mrs Bellifont

Lita Rosen - Hybrid

Celine Gibson - The Boneman's Wife

Sana Rasoul - The Sound Of Madness

Hazel Curran - The Cornfield

November 2012



Mike Berlin - A Child's Step

Runners Up

Christopher Luck - Way To Go?

Jay Hoare - Darker Times

Margarita Yerusalimsky - Black Ink

Flash Fiction


James Josiah - The Sculptor

Runners Up

Patricia Catley - Fungi Fever

A.C. Bell - Rotten

Matt Ewens - A Siren In The Storm

Honourable Mentions

Mike Berlin - A Fly In The Ointment

Sana Rasoul - If I Could

Patricia Catley - The Ghost Of Ned Kelly

Mike Berlin - Linda

Sana Rasoul - Scarlet Rosefinch

James Josiah - The Hunter

Short Stories


Helen Lord - Junior

Runners Up

Sarah Bakewell - Abbey Park

Lita Rosen - It Comes At Night

Fiona Bailey - The Pit

The Crime Duo - The Death Tracker

Mike Berlin - Shut Up

Matt Ewens - Humbug

Honourable Mentions

Shiko - ...And The Day Came

Paul Nigrone - The Creator

Helen Lord - Harbinger

David Haddock - The Girl

Shiko - Burning With The Blaze

Anthony Khoo - Unspeakable

Melissa Barrett - The Cave

Helen Lord - The Band

Shiko - Damned On The Kitchen Floor

Chris Jones - Once In A Blue Moon At The Cosmic Egg Circus

October 2012

Short Stories


Antony N. Britt - The Original Mandlebury Ghost Hunt

Runners Up

James Michaels - Down In The Dumps

R.G. Calkins - Pay The Piper

M.R. Cosby - Unit 6

Antony N. Britt - Table Decoration

Bonnie Ryan-Fisher - Riding With Harvey

Jamie Buchanan - Sanguine Saviour

Honourable Mentions

A.C. Bell - Lime Light

James Michaels - Dormitory

M.R. Cosby - In Transit

Bonnie Ryan-Fisher - Private Things

Glen Perkins - Mirror

James Michaels - The Last Debt

Matt Demers - The Craigslist Cannibal

Patricia Catley - Lost & Found

James Michaels - The Lord Of The World

Melissa Barrett - Stolen Dreams

Matt Demers - The Talking Dead

Patricia Catley - Moira's Secret

Matt Ewens - Devil Shot

James Michaels - Where The Graffiti Ends


September 2012 

Short Stories


R.G. Calkins - No Lights

Runners Up

Simon Fairbanks - The Monster That Stares Back

Willa Stewart - Playin' Possum

Bob Marriott - Dead End

Honourable Mentions

Pat Walker - It Was a Full Moon So I Thought of You

Mike Berlin - The Prank

Mike Berlin - GPS

The Gloaming Amazon