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Darker Times Publishing is home to the Little Forest paranormal mystery series by British author Jessica Grace Coleman, available now from Amazon. Coming soon: The Starling (Darkford Chronicles Book One), Midnight Remains (A Short Story Collection) and The Vanished (A Little Forest Paranormal Mystery Book Six).

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Out Now: The Gloaming

The Gloaming Amazon

Beth Powers is a pretty normal twenty-one year old woman. She has a sister, a great group of friends, and a steady – if slightly boring – job. She lives in the traditional English village of Little Forest. Oh, and she can see dead people.

When the Little Forest Investigations gang get a request from an Irish gazer in trouble, Connor jumps at the chance to go back to his homeland, and soon, the whole LFI team find themselves in rural Ireland. It’s cute, it’s quaint, and it’s jam-packed full of dead people.

It isn’t until they return back to England, however, that things really start to heat up. It’s the height of summer, and the small village of Little Forest is teeming with tourists wanting to find out about Covershire county’s dark past. Unfortunately for them, they’re about to experience the darkness first-hand, as it seems that Beth didn’t exactly leave Ireland empty-handed…

Join Beth and the rest of the LFI gang in this Little Forest novel as they continue their quest to help the spectres of the Former World, dealing with madmen, witches, and unwanted visitors on the way. When the sun sets and the gloaming is upon you, anything can happen.

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